7 Best PUBG Mobile Tips to Find Loot (March 2023)

Choose a good landing spot to find big loot quickly. The Military Base, Pochinki, and School areas offer good loot.

Prioritize finding a gun as soon as you land. Keep an eye out for buildings with open doors, which could indicate that other players have looted the area.

Search for loot in less-crowded areas to increase your chances of finding valuable items.

Use the game's audio cues to locate the loot. Listen for the sound of gunfire and vehicles, which could indicate that other players are fighting over loot.

Always carry a backpack to carry more items. You can also upgrade your backpack to increase its capacity.

Use the map to plan your route and find areas with good loot. Look for areas with high-tier loot and plan your route accordingly.

Avoid being too greedy while looting. Don't spend too much time searching for loot in one area; always be prepared to move to a safer location if necessary.