American rapper 50 Cent posted a snapshot of GTA Vice City on Instagram, sparking rumours of a collaboration with Rockstar Games.

 The upcoming GTA 6 game is rumoured to be set in Vice City, which further fueled speculation about a partnership between 50 Cent and Rockstar Games.

Fans on Twitter expressed excitement and anticipation about the possibility of a collaboration between the rapper and Rockstar Games.

A collaboration between Rockstar Games and 50 Cent is possible for a music feature if the game's radio stations are updated.

Dr Dre appeared in the game's VIP Contract mission as part of The Contract DLC update in 2021, which suggests that a collaboration with 50 Cent is plausible.

The Instagram post by 50 Cent bore a striking resemblance to the Vice City Definitive Edition logo, which stirred up excitement among fans.

The hype around 50 Cent's Instagram post shows the immense anticipation for the release of GTA 6 and the potential collaborations that may arise.